The Cost Advantages Of Backwater Valves

Every homeowner dreads the prospect of having sewage rising up from the pipes and appearing in tubs, toilets, sink drains, or even the basement floor. Sadly, for all too many, this is not just the stuff of nightmares, it actually happens when there is heavy rain that causes localized flooding. Fortunately, there is an easy method that often works to solve the problem, and it does not even cost a lot of money. The secret is to get a backwater valve.

What It Does

Backwater valves are installed in the drain pipe near the area where the home’s wastewater leaves the structure, flows away from the property, and makes its way into the municipal sewage system. The mechanism itself is very simple and operates based on water flow. These valves are equipped with a hatch that keeps open even when water flows outward, something which facilitates draining.

When rainfall is especially heavy and sewage systems are overrun, sewer water can back up and emerge inside the home. This can even happen if the street outside shows no signs of flooding. If a backwater valve senses that water is coming into the house instead of leaving it, the water flow shuts the hatch and stops sewage from backing up inside the home.