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If you’re dealing with an urgent plumbing problem that is interrupting the normal function of your faucets, available hot water, drains, appliances, shower, toilets, etc., then you should call us right now.

Plumbingemergencymilwaukee.com is a service available to residents of Hales Corners who need access to a plumber immediately.

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Our service works like this…

Step 1: Call us when you need a plumber immediately.
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Step 4: We contact one of the plumbers in our network and give them your details.
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This service was designed for normal business hours, as well as after hours emergencies. Our network includes plumbers from all over the Milwaukee area, including near you in Hales Corners.

Getting a plumber out to your home or business as quickly as possible is crucial to not only fixing the problem, but also to limiting the potential property damage that often occurs with many plumbing problems.

We want to help you avoid these types of costly catastrophes.

So, call us right now if you need a plumber near you!

Do These Things Before Your Plumber Arrives

Since you have a plumber on his way to your home or business you don’t need to fix anything. However, there will be several things that you can do to reduce damage to your property.

Cut Off Water Supply

If you have a problem that stems from a burst pipe, you should think about cutting off the water supply to it immediately. Even though this will not solve the issue, it will help you to make sure that there is no additional water coming into your home.

Remove Debris

There will usually be a great deal of debris and water that can mess up the flooring, especially if there is a burst pipe, or a sink or a toilet that is overflowing. If you fail to clear the water away right after you cut off the water supply, it can end up getting down into the lower parts of your home, causing a great bit of damage. This may not be a task that is pleasant, but it will keep your home from suffering further damage while you are waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Remove Furniture

Instead of leaving your furniture in place, work to remove couches, chairs, carpeting and other items to locations where they will not come into any contact with water. Always remember that repairs may be messy! It is important that you take note that any plumber may track certain unsanitary items into your home without realizing it. While it may not be possible to remove the carpets that lead to the room they will be working in, it is important that you at least place newspapers or mats down on them.

Clear The Work Area For the Plumber

Remove any potted plants, toiletries and any other items in the bathroom that could get in the plumber’s way. The same will apply to your kitchen if you have counters that could be filled with utensils and other equipment. This will make the job a lot easier for your plumber and prevent any items from getting damaged by dirty water.

Keep Any Pets Or Kids Out Of The Way

Repair work will go smoother if there is nobody in the way of the process. Keep kids engaged in another area of the house and pets in a safe space or their crate, just to be sure that no disruptions take place.

In order to get the best out of your plumber, these are several helpful tips that you can follow.

Information About Hales Corners, WI

If you plan to take a journey on the land of Wisconsin, then you should consider visiting Hales Corners. Located in southwest Milwaukee, it has a total area of 3.22 square miles. 3.21 square miles of the area consist of land properties while 0.01 square miles of it would be bodies of water.

Hales Corners, WI hosts a population of 7,629 people with 3,301 households and 2,066 families staying in this village. You will see around 3,505 housing units in the area and not all of the housing units have been populated yet.

As of now, the ethnicity of people living in the area composes of 94.7% White Americans, 4.3% Latino Americans, 1.7% Asian, 1.0% African Americans, and 2.1% for the other ethnicities. The 3,301 households accommodate 49.1% married couples in which 27.3% have children under 18 years old. 31.6% of the households are single individuals and 14.6% had households with someone living alone at age 65 and older.

History of Hales Corners

It all started in the year 1783 after the French and British claimed the area. It was first known to be the land of Potawatomi Indians before they agreed to move out in 1838. Years after claiming the village, they turned it into a community in 1854. To properly establish this community, many crossroads were made to connect Hales Corner to Milwaukee.

Technical progress started on the year 1904 as trains and telephones started to make its impact in Hales Corner. Also, airports have been built in the year 1945, thus turning it to a Suburb. Although still considered as a rural place, it has progressed through the years and now continues its technical growth.

Places to Visit

• Whitnall Park

As a nature lover, you must go and explore this place. What you will see when you get there are nice hiking trails, an abundance of trees, flora and fauna, clean bodies of water, and many botanical gardens.

• Boerner Botanical Gardens

This is one of the botanical gardens that you will find in Whitnall Park. This botanical garden has been famous for its shrub rose gardens, well designed pathways, and many other flowers being cultivated inside.