How Do You Know When Your Water Heater Needs Repairing or Replacement?

water heater that needs repair


A lot of people take a hot shower for granted. After all, a hot shower can be very relaxing after a long and stressful day of work. However, when that hot water fails to deliver, you will surely miss it. Unfortunately, many wait until it is too late to avoid losing hot water. By understanding some of the common signs of trouble with your water heater, you should be able to know whether it’s time to repair or replace it before you are stuck with a cold shower.

Your water heater isn’t entirely used for showers. After all, you need hot water to do the dishes. Likewise, you need hot water to effectively wash your hands. Even brushing your teeth could get uncomfortable without it. Luckily, there are a few things that you can look for when you are trying to figure out if your water is malfunctioning and is need of repair or replacement.

1. Your Water Is Lukewarm

If you are only turning on your hot water, your water shouldn’t come out lukewarm. If your water isn’t fully heating up as it should, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. If the water that is entering your tank isn’t extremely cold because of the weather outside and you haven’t changed the settings on your heater, it is about time you call on a plumber. A professional plumber will be able to figure out what is happening with your unit.

2. The Hot Water Isn’t Sustaining

If you used to get around 15 to 20 minutes of hot water but it isn’t even reaching 5 minutes, it is a very good sign that your heater needs to be checked. Having your hot water quickly run out is one of the common signs of a malfunctioning element. However, calling on a professional will help you get someone experienced and with the expertise to diagnose the problem no matter what the issue is.

3. The Heater Has Become Audibly Loud

While your water heater may have made noises in the past, you should know what your heater sounds like when it’s functioning properly. If you start to hear a bunch of newer and even louder noises coming from your heater, it might be a sign that something isn’t working properly. This can happen after a number of years go by. After all, there can be sediment that can accumulate towards the bottom of your heater. This can end up causing hardening in that area and it can lead to rumbling from your heater. This is a common sign that you need to have your water professionally serviced in order to get rid of this excess sediment.

Call us today if you notice any of the three things listed above occurring and we’ll send a plumber to repair your water heater or replace it, if needed.