A Leaky Hissing Water Pipe – When To Call A Plumber

Imagine waking up in the morning and getting ready to hop in the shower. Visualize yourself taking off your pajamas and tossing them on the floor. Then all of a sudden you hear some sort of strange noise coming from behind the wall in the shower? It’s a small hissing sound! Then the hissing sound gets a lot louder! Now it’s very loud! You have a leaky hissing water pipe on your hands!

You feel frustrated and angry because only two days earlier you had a leaky water pipe repaired under your house. Now this is happening! Your heart sinks in gloom and despair while you are standing around with no clothes on and your head is throbbing. You are sick and tired of everything! In this article we will be looking at two options to carry repairs out or to work on other related plumbing problems.

Think back when you had wrong sized pipes, improperly installed pipes, old water pipes, burst pipes or leaky hissing water pipes were just something you imagined. Now that you are a homeowner, anything associated with leaking water around your house is a problem and something you definitely need to worry about.

You’ve probably heard “money can’t buy happiness” before. That may be true but with leaky pipes it definitely can buy “peace of mind” for you if you are able to find someone qualified to get things fixed. With leaky pipes there is no such thing as peace of mind.

You need to determine whether the problem you have with water leaks can be solved by a minor task such as replacing a tap washer, or something more major such as replacing all your home’s water pipes. Go for it if you know how to do a simple repair. However, if the job is something beyond what you are capable of – which your gut will be able to tell you – then call a plumber!

Like anything else, anytime you are feeling unsure or uncomfortable about any aspect that relates to your home’s plumbing like a leaky hissing water pipe then it might be time to get professional advice. It will cost you money, but you should seek out a qualified, well respected professional plumber. To find a good one ask around with people you know. Usually a plumber will be able to assess the situation quickly and get it resolved. Any foreseeable problems will also usually be noticed and resolutions can be suggested.

I speak from painful experience unfortunately. I recently change all of my home’s water pipes. I was bound and determined to do this gigantic task on my own. I spent numerous hours working out where all of the pipes connected and got a plan drawn up that showed where the pipes went. I purchased all of the materials. However, my “gut” told me that I was taking on more than I could handle. I gave up on my cool idea of being able to do it on my own. What I did instead was hire a plumber and worked with him to learn as much as I possibly could. When I changed my mind, my wife was quite happy about that. It is all done now. We have peace of mind and are very happy.