Plumbing Emergencies – What Needs To Be Done For A Burst Pipe

No homeowner ever wants to have to deal with burst plumbing pipes. However, unfortunately, it is all too common for pipes to burst, which causes serious damage and flooding.

There are numerous reasons why a pipe might burst like a pipe that freezes and expands and then bursts, a crack in a pipe caused by too much pressure, or a corroded pipe. If you do end up with a burst pipe, then it is very important that you know how to prevent even more expense and damage.

The following are tips for what you should do when you have a burst pipe occur:

1. The very first step you should take when you notice you have a burst pipe is make sure to turn your main water supply off. You can either turn the water off a the main water valve in your basement or at your water meter.

2. Your next step is draining the water system to prevent the water from flooding your home to cause even more damage. This can be done through turning all the taps off in your house and flushing the toilet. That will help water drain a lot more quickly from the pipes. If water is coming in from the ceiling and a bulge is being caused, then a hole can be made in the bulge and a bucket can be held underneath it order to catch any excess water.

3. If there is leaked water close to any electrical appliances, then it is critical that the electricity be turned off since that can be dangerous. Remove the right fuse if there is any water close to a light switch or fixture.

4. Turn the water heater and central heating off. After the water heater is off, then turn the hot water taps on in order to reduce pressure inside of the pipes. This will help to drain the water also.

5. After there isn’t any more water leaking into the house, and there isn’t any danger of water getting into the water heating system and appliances, then you can search for what the source of your pipe burst is. This will allow you to give important information to your plumber when you call for emergency services to be done at your home.

6. Call a plumber. Any time you have a burst pipe that is a serious issue and a professional plumber needs to repair it. Plumbers have the tools, experience and knowledge to conduct quality repair jobs correctly.

You shouldn’t use joint compound or Teflon tape to try to repair a burst pipe since it will just end up bursting against. Electrical wiring damage also may be dangerous, so a professional should be called to perform any necessary repairs.

After a pipe bursts, it is critical to efficiently and quickly take the necessary steps to prevent any further damage from occurring. After you have taken the appropriate steps for minimizing threats and damage like leaking water on live wires, it is critical to contact a professional plumber. They understand that emergencies may occur at any time of the night or day, so that is why they offer 24 hour emergency service.

Also, since burst pipes are serious plumbing emergencies, it is critical that the repair be made by a profession to make sure there are not any more problems in the future. A plumber also can inspect the pipes to make sure there isn’t any additional damage that you might not have noticed. They also can ensure the system is operating correctly once the repair work is finished.