What To Do When You Have A Burst Pipe

Burst water pipes can result in thousands of dollars in damages and this is why many people take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen. There are times when the pipes can burst no matter how much you do to prevent it. When you get this problem you will need to deal with it in the shortest time possible and minimize the damage. Below are some of the things you will need to do when you have a burst pipe.

Shut off the water
The first thing you will need to do is turning off water at the mains. This is important because it will stop the flow of water into your home and this prevents any further damage. If there is still a flow of water drain the water in your system by flushing your toilet many times until the flow dries up. If there are any electrical sockets affected, then turn off the main switch of your electricity immediately.

Open the faucets
It is a good idea to open the faucet because when the main valve has been shut off there will still be pressure inside the pipes. Opening the faucets will let out any remaining water and there will be no pressure in the pipes. This will make it easier during the repairs because the pipes will have no water.

Call a plumber
Unless you have experience with repairing broken pipes you will need to call a plumber to do the work at some point. There are a number of things you can do before calling a local plumber near you and it is important in order to reduce the damage caused by the burst pipe. A plumber will help you with tips to prevent further damage and how to deal with the problem while waiting for the plumber to get to your home.

Getting rid of the water
Take a mop, bucket, and a shop vacuum then start getting rid of the water because you don’t want everything in your home soaking in water. Cleaning up as soon as possible will help in preventing mold. When getting rid of water see whether there is contact with any electrical wires or equipment with water because you don’t want to get shocked in the process.

Having a burst pipe is a big problem but what you do after it determines the damage it is going to cause. Use the above tips and you will have an easier time dealing with the burst pipe.