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Safe House, Milwaukee, WI

Downtown Milwaukee, WI, invites you to its most unique and special spy bar. Here, you and your favorite spies are let in on the city’s deepest secret since 1966! The Safe House has one mission for you; absolute fun. You could choose to indulge in a fun-filled night in the city or visit the family-friendly site during the day for a great afternoon with your loved ones. If you’d wish to keep an anonymous identity, you could place an order to keep your cover protected, and allow yourself to go completely rogue.

Bring your fellow spies and agents along, and get to experience what Milwaukee’s nightlife has to offer. Offering live entertainment, dancing, DJ’s, specialty cocktails, and so much more, this is definitely a must-visit restaurant. If you have a special liking for the Safe House, be sure to bring your ID with you. However, the restaurant keeps your identity a secret, so don’t be worried.

If you are an espionage enthusiast or an on-the-run agent looking for a place to dine all the pressure away, get into this space through the non-descript door you will find at ‘International Exports Ltd.’ You will then find yourself placed at another door, where you will be required to provide a special password, depending on the time of day you visit. If you can’t provide the password (don’t worry, most people never manage to), all you have to do is perform a crazily ridiculous and embarrassing dance. This gets you the password and lets you through the special bookcase door, only for you to realize that your stupid dance was broadcasted live to everyone in the restaurants.

The Safe House was established in 1966, and ever since it has been an attraction sight in the city of Milwaukee, WI. This is the only destination in the city that invites you to unlock the ‘Spying Spirit’ in you, while having fun all the way. It might not be a tourist attraction venue per say, but it surely deserves a slot on that list of cool attractions.

The key spy-themed features in the house are a couple of blackjack games. Here, the winners earn themselves free drinks, faux bathroom doors, two-way mirrors, a secret passage-way, a peep hole with a surprise awaiting, or even tons of tubes running all through the building. The Safe House is found right in the shadows of the City Hall of Milwaukee, in close proximity to the intersection of East Wells Street and North Water Street.

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